Heavy duty racking-requirements for the installation on the warehouse floor

July 13, 2022

Heavy duty warehouse shelving are essential equipment for storing goods, and are needed in most company warehouses. Because it is a large-scale industrial product, many customers may not understand its structure and installation method.


Some customers asked whether the 2.5-meter-high shelf needs to be fixed on the ground? What are the requirements for the installation of heavy duty racking on the warehouse floor? Let's talk about this today.


In fact, the height of 2.5 meters is considered a relatively short shelf. Whether the shelf needs to be fixed on the ground mainly depends on whether it is a light duty shelf or a heavy-duty shelf. If it is a light shelf, it does not need to be fixed on the ground. For example, light-duty shelves with a load capacity of less than 500KG do not need to be fixed if they are stored manually.


If it is a heavy duty racking, such as pallet racks, corridor racks, shuttle racks, etc., forklifts and other equipment need to be used to store goods, they need to be fixed on the ground to keep stable.


heavy duty racking

The installation of heavy duty racking has the following requirements on the warehouse floor:


1. Requirements for heavy duty warehouse shelving on ground levelness: There are obvious errors in the ground levelness, which will reduce the stability of the racks. Foot spacers can be used for local adjustment.


2. Requirements for heavy-duty racks on ground subsidence: if the ground subsides too much, especially after the load is partially subsided, the racks will fail locally and cannot be used. Need to remove the failed shelves and redo the floor.


3. Requirements for heavy-duty racking on ground vibration: If there is a large-scale vibration device in the area where the storage rack is installed, the rack will always be in a state of shaking, which will cause fatigue damage to key components, and even unpredictable collapse. Especially for high bay shelves. Therefore, for large-scale vibration equipment, there should be anti-vibration trenches around to prevent vibration transmission.


4. Requirements for outdoor use of heavy duty warehouse shelving: shelves are generally used indoors. If they must be used outdoors, the anti-corrosion level of the surface coating needs to be replaced.

heavy duty warehouse shelving