How Can Double Deep Racking Help Your Business Gain Greater Benefits?

June 06, 2022

There are many types of heavy duty racking in large warehouses, and double deep racking is one of them.


When some companies choose the type of heavy duty racking, they do not know how to choose,


That is to say, they don't understand the advantages of different genres. It's a very important thing.

Now let's first introduce the advantages of double deep rack in heavy duty shelves.


The double deep racking with a single load capacity of up to 3 tons, is accessed by a forklift truck. Especially 4 rows back to back, the height can reach 10 meters.

It has many cargo spaces and high density, so it has a large storage capacity.


In other words, the advantage of double deep racking is large storage capacity, high load bearing, and full use of warehouse space. It has no special requirements for cargo specifications and is suitable for most heavy cargo storage.


In addition to normal temperature warehouses, double deep racks are also widely used in cold storage.


Visible, double deep racking is very advantageous. If your enterprise needs to store heavy goods, you can consider customization.


The double deep rack is similar to the pallet rack, but the storage capacity is higher than the pallet rack, that is why it is favored by enterprises.