Which Factory Can Realize the Full Automation Operation In Warehouse

June 09, 2022

It has to be said that with the advancement of technology, intelligence has been widely used in daily work and life. There are more and more companies that need to use automation for warehouse storage. In order to fully provide work efficiency and reduce the huge labor management cost, visionary companies have already invested in warehouse automation. 

So what types of storage shelves can be used by heavy duty warehouse shelving manufacturers to automatically store goods?


 1. Shuttle rack. This kind of storage rack is a semi-automated rack, and the automated equipment is a shuttle or child-mother car. So it is also called shuttle racking or child-mother shuttle rack. That is to say, the shuttle rack consists of shelves + automation equipment (shuttle car or child-mother car), and the automation equipment is responsible for storing and storing goods. Shuttle racks are relatively expensive storage racks among heavy-duty warehouse rack manufacturers. 

shuttle rack

Their automated equipment can greatly save manual operation costs, and their access efficiency has also improved a lot. It is suitable for storage of goods with high frequency of incoming and outgoing goods.


shuttle rack

2. Warehouse automation. The warehouse automation of heavy-duty warehouse rack manufacturers are fully automated racks. The goods are accessed by automated equipment such as stackers. The storage and retrieval speed is 10 times that of ordinary storage racks and is much higher than semi-automated shuttle racks.

 Not only can it achieve first-in-first-out, but it can also realize 100% free picking of goods, that is, you can do it for any goods you want to automatically deposit and withdraw.


Automated storage is a new concept that appears in logistics and warehousing. Heavy duty warehouse shelving manufacturers have designed them as early as 10 years ago, but few companies used them at that time. 

At present, many large and small companies have begun to invest in automated storage equipment to improve the efficiency of cargo storage and retrieval, reduce manual operation costs, and the safety of cargo has also been greatly guaranteed.

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