Which warehouse asrs racking is suitable for hardware accessories?

July 13, 2022

Hardware products are auxiliary and accessory products often used in daily life and industrial production. In the early days, it was mostly made of metal materials such as gold, silver, copper, iron, and tin. Hardware accessories usually have a large variety and quantity, and these products need to be stored on shelves. So which asrs racking is suitable for hardware products?


Eyda heavy duty shelf manufacturers often say that warehouse asrs racking refers to automated shelves, which are divided into two types: shuttle asrs racking system and stacking asrs racking system, both of which can store hardware products. Common hardware products are heavier but relatively small in size, and can be loaded into storage cages or iron boxes first, and then placed in the asrs racking.

 asrs warehouse

In addition, since most of the hardware accessories are not large in size and weight, they are suitable for manual storage and retrieval, so shelf racks are also the types of shelves commonly used by customers. Shelf racks have beautiful appearance and large carrying capacity. They can also be stored with parts boxes, which are convenient for selection and are deeply loved by customers.


asrs racking

Of course, other storage racks can also store hardware products, such as beam racks, pallet racks, roller racks, drive-in racks, etc., which are commonly used storage rack types for storing hardware products. Enterprises can choose the appropriate type of shelf according to their own storage needs.