What Is The Load-Bearing Range of Heavy Duty Racks for Warehouse?

June 06, 2022

Your company needs more advantages to cope with rapidly evolving demand and the challenges of competitors.


Choosing efficient and suitable heavy duty racks for warehouse is an important part of saving business costs.


There are many types of heavy duty racking in large warehouses, when companies need a choice, they may don't know how to do.


An important step is choosing the right load-bearing rack.  


Load-bearing is a problem that many customers are concerned about. What is the load-bearing range of heavy duty racks?


The single-layer load bearing range of heavy shelves is between 300kg-4 tons.


Since there are many types of heavy shelves, each has a different load-bearing range, so it depends on the specific type of heavy duty storage shelves.


For example, pallet racks, bearing range of single layer is between 300kg-4 tons, and the load-bearing range of corridor racks is between 300KG-2 tons per pallet.


The bearing capacity of heavy duty storage shelves can basically meet the storage needs of different heavy goods. How to choose a suitable heavy-duty shelf requires professional planning and design.


If you want to know the load-bearing range of other shelves, contact us. We will provide you with data measurement and scheme design.