What Is The Height Limit for Shuttle Racking System? Heavy Duty Warehouse Shelving

May 11, 2022

Storage shelves are necessary equipment for storing goods. In the past, non-smart storage shelves were generally used.

Today, intelligent storage shelves dominate the market because their automated operations are more efficient. 

There are two types of smart shelves commonly used, one is the shuttle  racking system, and the other is the stacking racking system.


The shuttle racking system is mainly used to issue instructions to allow the shuttle to be automated. The work of storage, the labor force of the enterprise can be saved.


Compared with traditional racks, it can better complete the storage and retrieval operations. Storage space and work efficiency can be effectively improved, and the cost of this kind of shuttle rack is not very high.


The stacking racking system is an automated warehouse handling and storage system composed of the shuttle rack and the automated lane stacker.The storage area of the warehouse can be freely cut by the stacker and can form multiple operations.


Is there a limit to its height?


In fact, no matter what kind of warehouse shelves, there are height restrictions, and the shuttle racking system is no exception.


Shuttle racking system are a type of heavy duty warehouse shelving, including 2 way shuttle racks, 4 way shuttle racks, and mother-child shuttle racks.


Taking the 2 way shuttle rack as an example, it is a semi-automatic warehouse rack. It use a forklift to fork the goods to the shuttle board on each floor, to realize automatic storage.


So how high the shuttle racks can be designed depends on how high the forklift can be raised. It is generally less than 10 meters.


The 4 way shuttle rack and the mother-child shuttle rack are generally designed to be within 25 meters in height.Because it can use the elevator to transport the goods, realize the fully automatic storage and retrieval of goods.


This is the difference between them and the 2 way shuttle rack, and also the difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic


Of course, the heights mentioned above are not absolute,depends on the specific situation of the warehouse.

heavy duty warehouse shelving.png