What are the requirements of different warehouse temperatures for cold storage?

June 01, 2022

Cold storage racking are generally used for goods that need to be refrigerated, such as fresh, drinks, etc.

Cold storage racking generally have a large amount of intensive storage.


Common types of cold storage racks include drive-in racks, double-deep racks, gravity racks, and shuttle shelves, etc.



According to different goods, the temperature of cold storage is different. Some of the cold storages are very cold, and some customers do not know whether the shelves can be used in the cold storage.


heavy duty racking

Can the -36° warehouse use cold storage shelves?


The answer is yes, the lower the temperature of the warehouse, the higher the quality requirements of the cold storage shelves.


For example, -36° cold storage, needs to use special shelves made of Q355 material, so as to ensure the effect and service life.


If the temperature of the cold storage is high, such as about -5°, the commonly used material Q235B can be used directly.


cold storage racking


In addition, the material is one aspect, and the surface treatment technology also directly affects the quality of the shelf, so it depends on the whole.



In a word, cold storage racking has higher quality requirements for storage shelves, not all shelf manufacturers can produce high-quality special shelves for cold storage.

So when looking for suppliers of heavy duty racking, we need to distinguish the quality of storage shelves and find reliable manufacturers to cooperate.