How do 2 workers manage a warehouse of 1,000 square meters?

July 11, 2023

Today, as labor costs are getting higher and higher, high wages may not necessarily be able to recruit suitable people. This is a distressing problem for many companies. Therefore, many companies will choose intelligent shelves to store goods, improve storage capacity and efficiency, and save labor and management costs. Only 2 workers are needed to manage a warehouse of 1000 square meters.

Because the automated warehouse can realize fully automated operations, manual operations do not need to enter the warehouse, and only need to stare at the operating system outside, so the warehouse requires very few personnel. It only needs to manually drive the forklift to fork the goods to the loading port, and watch the operation control system, which greatly saves labor and management costs.

The cost of automated vertical warehouses is higher than that of ordinary warehouse shelves, and enterprises with certain strengths are recommended to customize. Because the initial investment costs are relatively high, it is necessary not only to have economic strength, but also to have a plan for long-term development. Therefore, before customizing the intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, it is necessary to plan for the next 3-5 years to ensure the return on investment.

Our common smart warehouses include: stacker stacker, shuttle rack system, AGV rack system, box robot rack system, or a combination of several racks.