The Pros and Cons of Warehouse Shuttle Racking Systems

May 23, 2022

In modern logistics warehousing, storage shelves have formed many types. They have different structure and equipment, forming different forms of storing goods. It may be equipped with a lot of equipment, it may be strong enough to carry, or it may have a high degree of automation, or it may have multiple functions and one body.

shuttle racking system

In the meantime, shuttle racking has been highly anticipated in the past few years. Its own characteristics make it different from ordinary storage rack in its work and have many advantages. But relatively speaking, there are also some defects and deficiencies. This article will analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the shuttle racking system warehouse.

The advantages to use shuttle racking system.

1.The number of goods. Each track of the shuttle rack can achieve 35 pallet position depths. When other shelves are out of the warehouse, they are generally controlled at 7 pallet position depths. Only when they are out of the warehouse, more pallet position depths can be made. It is also controlled at around 14 pallet position depths.

2. In terms of space utilization. The shuttle rack rails are designed side by side, which can be made into many rows, and can achieve more cargo depth. Compared with other racks, the forklift channel is reduced. The space utilization rate is naturally high. The space utilization rate of ordinary heavy racks is 30%~35 %, the utilization rate of drive-in rack space is 60%~70%, and the utilization rate of shuttle rack space can reach about 80%.

3. In terms of product management. The shuttle runner can sort and count the pallet goods on the track according to instructions such as inventory and sorting, which greatly reduces management costs. The key is to ensure the safety of employees. It is a new choice for palletized goods storage.

4. In terms of operating costs. Although the cost of shuttle racks is higher than that of ordinary racks, it is much lower than that of automated three-dimensional warehouses. It is more cost-effective and can be effectively used in all walks of life. And judging from the current use situation, the cost investment is still overvalued. After all, the shuttle rack has reduced the staff by more than half, the labor cost has been saved, and the work efficiency has been improved.


The disavantage to use shuttle racking systems

1. In order to ensure the stable operation of the shuttle, there are high requirements on the accuracy of the shelves and guide rails and the floor. The shuttle is the core component of the system, and its quality is directly related to the level of after-sales costs for future users. The investment cost and maintenance cost of the system are relatively high, and a professional and reliable service team is required to be responsible for maintenance, and the maintenance cost is relatively high.

2. The storage items are single and cannot be accessed randomly.

3. The size of the shuttle panel is not standard, and each supplier's shuttle panel cannot be used in common use.

4. If the equipment fails, the rescue time is relatively long.

Although, the shuttle racking system have these disavantage, Eyda have been developed a perfect system that is easy to maintain. Contact us to get a solution.