What is a heavy duty stacking racking ?

July 05, 2022

Shelves are necessary equipment for goods storage, and are required in most warehouses. Nowadays, ordinary storage shelves can no longer meet the needs of all customers, and automated warehouse shelves are becoming more and more popular. Among them, stacking rackings are commonly used in enterprise warehouses.

stacking racking

1. What is a stacking racking?


A stacking racking is a type of automated rack.

The stacking storage shelf completes the longitudinal and lateral movement of the goods within the range of the rack through the coordination of the operating mechanism, the lifting mechanism and the loading platform, and realizes the three-dimensional storage of the goods.

stacking racking 

2. the scope of application and function of the stacking racking


The high-speed stacker is suitable for use in e-commerce and express logistics warehouses, automated factories, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and other industries, and can achieve precise handling and stacking of goods. It shortens the distance of manual round-trip material handling, shortens the loading and unloading and handling time of goods, maximizes storage space, greatly improves work efficiency, and effectively reduces enterprise operating costs.


3. What is the height of the heavy duty stacking storage shelf?


There are many types of heavy duty racks, but most require customization, as do stacker racks. The height of the floor needs to be customized according to the storage requirements of the goods. The specific spacing also depends on the storage requirements of the goods, and there is no fixed spacing.


The stacking racking is also called an automated warehouse, which can realize fully automated storage and retrieval of goods. The storage space is dense and the storage capacity is large. The storage and retrieval efficiency is more than 5 times that of non-smart warehouse racks. The height can be designed to more than 30 meters, which can make full use of the warehouse space, saving warehouse operating costs to a greater extent.

stacking storage shelf