Choose Flexible Warehouse Storage Racks for Your Business - Mezzanine Rack

June 07, 2022

Mezzanine rack is one of the most popular storage shelves for companies.


Mezzanine floor racking is a multi-storey warehouse shelving that makes full use of space which can improve space utilization by up to 3 times.


It can be designed with 2-4 floors. There are certain requirements for the height of the warehouse, so usually 2 floors are designed.


What is the functional difference between the first floor and the second floor of the mezzanine rack?


Mezzanine racks are divided into several design forms, one has racks upstairs and downstairs, another has racks downstairs and a platform upstairs, and another has no racks upstairs and downstairs.

mezzanine rack

If the first floor and the second floor are both racks, there is no difference in function and both can store the same goods.


Goods of various specifications can be stored in both upstairs and downstairs. Pallet storage and forklift access can also be used on the first floor.


If the first floor is a shelf and the second floor is a platform, the goods they store are different. The first floor stores small and medium-sized goods, while the mezzanine platform on the second floor can store large goods.


Mezzanine racks have a very high degree of flexibility, can be designed in different styles according to needs.

mezzanine rack