What’s the Cost to Build A Warehouse Mezzanine Rack

May 23, 2022

Warehouse mezzanine have become the preferential option for a storage sapce more than 3 meter high. Some of you might want to figure out a rough cost for the mezzanine.

Right now I can immediately tell you it is about RMB300-800/square meter, about USD46-125/square meter.

Then , what factor will affect the cost?

Here are some information for your refence.

1. Weight Capacity for each square meter.

Warehouse mezzanine is a pre-engineered racking system kit. Eyda’s engineer will analyze the product you are going store and the max. weight it will bear on the mezzanine floor. Then we will choose the right thickness steel roll to produce the storage shelves for the mezzanine.

2. The area of the mezzanine rack will be built.

Eyda designer will draw the warehouse mezzanine system according to your warehouse layout and the coverage of the steel mezzanine. Eyda have been built a mezzanine cost  about USD500000, the smallest one is about USD5000.

3.The type of the mezzanine you need.

If you need warehouse mezzanine design which which is all cover the steel panel on the mezzznine, then the cost will be different with the pallet rack supported mezzanine. If you need a low cost option, then you can choose wooden flooring mezzanine, the shorage is not favorable to the fire prevntion.

Welcome to contact our professional team to design a cost effective mezzanine for you. 

warehouse mezzanine rack