Advantage to Use Mezzanine Rack in Garment Industry

May 23, 2022

There are many types of warehouse shelves, which can be used to store goods in warehouses of all walks of life. But every industry basically has the same shelf type to choose from.

For example, the daily necessities industry often uses shelf-type shelves to store goods. Let's take a look at the advantages of loft platform shelves used in the apparel industry.


Mezzanine rack is a kind of multi-storey shelf that makes full use of space. Generally, it is designed with 2-3 floors, which can increase the space utilization rate by up to 3 times. There are several common structures, one is that there are shelves upstairs and downstairs, the other is that there are shelves downstairs and the upstairs is a platform, and the other is that there are no shelves upstairs and downstairs, which is a pure platform structure. 

The clothing industry often uses a structure where there are shelves upstairs and downstairs, or there are shelves downstairs and a platform upstairs.

 mezzanine rack

Because the products in the clothing industry are basically small and light goods, clothing can be placed directly on the shelves according to category, size, color, etc., and boxed goods can also be placed directly on shelves or platforms for storage, such as loft mezzanine rack.

The design structure can accommodate a lot of goods. Because it is a floor structure, you can also customize a hydraulic lifting platform or a climbing ladder to coordinate with the storage and retrieval of goods. It can be seen that the use of loft mezzanine rack in the clothing industry is a very advantageous choice.