How to Judge the Stability of Mezzanine Racking Systems

May 12, 2022

The stability of the Mezzanine Racking Systems is the key to choosing a stable shelf system. It is determined by the design of the steel structure mezzanine rack . In the steel structure design stage, if there is no perfect design, the stability of the attic shelf produced by stable production cannot be guaranteed.

So how to judge whether the loft style shelf structure is stable? Mezzanine rack manufacturers come to help.



The calculation and analysis of the loft racking system of the loft storage rack manufacturer can be divided into two stages. The first stage is the steel structure and the application environment of the rack to determine the distribution structure of the various components of the joint and the force analysis, load and internal force. , Displacement, stress and strain decomposition unit. 

The second stage is to design or test each component to ensure that the components and structure have sufficient load-bearing capacity and stability, safety and stability of the shelf steel structure, and should have sufficient load-bearing capacity, must be in normal use, and not exceed limit Deformation, workers should pay attention to operate according to regulations.

Regardless of the type of storage rack of the attic storage rack manufacturer, the stability of the rack system is very important. This is about the safety of cargo storage and the personal safety of users. Whether the structure is stable depends on the design. 

Of course, the design is no problem, and the installation must be strictly in accordance with the design plan drawings in the later stage to ensure that there is nothing wrong.