What kind of automated warehouse is suitable for a 3-meter-high warehouse?

March 06, 2023

automated warehouse , using three-dimensional warehouse equipment to realize high-level rationalization, automatic access, and simple operation of the warehouse. Generally, several layers, dozens of layers or even dozens of layers are used to store goods on shelves, and corresponding material handling equipment is used for goods storage and storage. Warehouse for outbound operations. Generally speaking, smart storage shelves have certain requirements for the height of the warehouse. Some merchants' warehouses are only 3 meters high, and they also want to realize automatic storage and retrieval of goods. So which kind of automated warehouse to choose?

If you want to realize automatic storage and retrieval, you can choose AGV shelf or CTU shelf storage. Choose AGV pallet racks for heavy cargo storage, and CTU material box robot racks for light cargo storage. These two types of smart warehouse shelves can be used in warehouses with a height of 3 meters. It can be seen that even if the height is very short, it is possible to realize automated storage.

The full name of AGV in English is Automated Guided Vehicle, which translates to Chinese as an automatic guided transport vehicle. It can be said that it is a high-tech intelligent product. Generally, trucks or transport vehicles are operated under manpower, while AGV can automatically follow the prescribed guiding path form and has safety protection functions. The CTU shelf of Foshan Electric Appliance Shelf Factory is also called the material box robot shelf. It is a high-density intelligent shelf storage system composed of shelves and material box robots, which is suitable for automatic storage of light and small goods.