Something You Should Know Before Invest in ASRS Storage System

May 23, 2022

Abstract: The advantages of automated AS/RS warehouses: make full use of the vertical space of the warehouse, greatly save manpower, use computers for warehouse management, better adapt to the requirements of special environments such as darkness, low temperature, and toxic, and significantly reduce the damage rate of goods. 

Disadvantages of automated ASRS storage system: due to the complex structure of the automated ASRS warehouse, high bay racking installation accuracy requirements, low storage flexibility, and certain restrictions on the variety of goods that can be stored, etc.

asrs storage system

The main advantages of automated warehouses are as follows:

1. Because it can make full use of the vertical space of the warehouse, the storage capacity per unit area is much larger than that of ordinary single-story warehouses (generally 4-7 times that of single-story warehouses). At present, the world's tallest AS/RS warehouse can reach more than 40 meters, with a capacity of 300,000 cargo spaces.

2. All warehouse operations are mechanized and automated. On the one hand, it can greatly save manpower and reduce labor costs, and on the other hand, it can greatly improve operation efficiency.

3. Using computers for storage management can easily achieve "first in, first out", and can prevent natural aging, deterioration, and rusting of the goods, and can also avoid the loss of goods.

4. Centralized cargo positions are convenient for control and management, especially the use of electronic computers, which can not only realize automatic control of operations, but also carry out information processing.

5. It can better adapt to the requirements of special environments such as darkness, low temperature, and toxic. For example, a film factory stores film reels in an automated ASRS warehouse. Under complete darkness, the automatic storage of film reels can be realized through computer control.

6. Using pallets or containers to store goods, the damage rate of the goods is significantly reduced.

The main disadvantages of automated warehouses:

1. As the structure of automated warehouses is more complex and there are more supporting equipment, the required infrastructure and equipment investment is also relatively large.

2. The rack installation requires high precision, the construction is more difficult, and the construction period is correspondingly long.

3. Storage elasticity is small, and it is difficult to cope with peak demand.

4. There are certain restrictions on the types of goods that can be stored, and a separate storage system needs to be set up to store long, large, heavy goods and goods that require special storage conditions.

5. The overhead cranes and automatic control systems of automated warehouses are all equipment with extremely high technical content and require high maintenance. Therefore, suppliers must be relied on to obtain timely technical assistance in the event of a system failure. This increases the dependence on suppliers.

6. The process design requirements before the construction of the AS/RS are high, and the process must be strictly followed when it is put into production.