What kind of automated shelves are suitable for food freezing warehouses?

July 03, 2023

Intelligent three-dimensional storage shelves are widely used as equipment for storing goods in warehouses, workshops, factories, cold stores, and other areas. Low temperature cold stores are also gradually being widely used to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Intelligent cold storage shelves generally use shuttle type shelves and four-way car three-dimensional shelves. Due to the high storage requirements of cold storage, it is necessary to use dense cold storage shelves for storage, and both of these are dense shelves that are suitable for cold storage. Other types of warehouse high level three-dimensional shelves can also be used in cold storage, but the storage capacity is not as high as the two mentioned above.

Of course, the combination design of stacker and shuttle truck shelves can also be used. For example, Adolf Warehouse uses this combination design of automated warehouse high-level three-dimensional shelves, which not only has dense storage space and large storage capacity, but also greatly improves the efficiency of storage and retrieval. It can be seen that automated cold storage shelves can be designed and customized according to different storage needs.