What material is used for automated warehouse asrs racking?

July 21, 2022

Nowadays, automated warehouse asrs racking have become a necessary storage equipment in major industries. Automated warehouse can effectively improve warehouse operation efficiency and maximize warehouse utilization.


Before purchasing a warehouse intelligent storage rack, you need to know something about it. Today, let's talk about what materials are used for automated warehouse asrs racking.


automated warehouse

Automated warehouse asrs racking, also known as high-bay warehouse or intelligent racking system, generally refers to a warehouse that uses several layers, a dozen or even dozens of layers of high shelves to store goods, and uses handling equipment to carry out goods. It is generally composed of high-rise shelves, roadway stackers, conveyors, control systems and computer management systems (WMS), which can complete the automatic storage of unit goods under the control of computer systems.


The automated warehouse does not need to reserve space for forklifts in design, and there is no limitation in height, so its space utilization can be significantly improved.

 asrs racking

In terms of shelf material, the storage asrs racking is the same as the ordinary warehouse shelf. The normal temperature warehouse uses the international standard Q235B material, and the cold storage above minus 20°needs to use the Q235D material.


In addition, the thicker the steel of the shelf, the greater the weight it can carry. However, the thickness of the steel should also be determined according to the actual needs, and there is no need to blindly pursue the thickness. After all, the greater the thickness, the higher the shelf cost.

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