How Much Is The Cost of Warehouse Racking System? Know about Shelf Price

May 31, 2022

With the continuous development of the economy, more and more enterprises have their own factories and warehouses.

They are paying more and more attention to the use of warehouse racking system, because warehouse racking system not only increase the storage capacity, but also improve the efficiency of the warehouse and save storage costs.


Of course, enterprises are more concerned about the problem of how much is the cost of warehouse racking system.

Generally speaking, storage shelves are not priced by square meters.


There are two types of smart shelves commonly used, one is the shuttle  racking system, and the other is the stacking racking system.

Most automated warehouse racking systems are composed of shelf parts and automated equipment parts, so the price is also composed of these two parts.

The shelf price is calculated according to size, load bearing and number of layers.

The automated equipment part should first determine which type and style to use, and should be able to match the shelf part smoothly.


In general, automation equipment also needs to be customized, no stock.


Shuttles, for example, range in price from more than 100,000 to hundreds of thousands, and stackers range in price from hundreds of thousands to one or two million.