Three types of Mezzanine in Warehouse-Rack Supported Mezzanine,Structural Steel Mezzanine

May 13, 2022

Warehouse mezzanine can be divided into three types, namely, structural steel mezzanine, rack supported mezzanine, and cantilever rack supported mezzanine. These three types have different structures and applicable occasions. We will introduce them one by one.


1. Structural Steel Mezzanine


The structural steel mezzanine is a building install on the ground. It is one or two-level, the floor is flat covered with wooden or steel panels. The column is used as the support of the floor. The floor can store any goods in any place. The design of the span can be adjusted according to storage requirements. The structure of the Structural Steel Mezzanine is shown in the following pictures, It is the bottom and the top.  

2. Rack Supported Mezzanine  

This kind of mezzanine has used the shelf as the support of the mezzanine, and the goods can be stored normally on the shelf. The upper shelf of the mezzanine is extended from the bottom shelf. The upper and lower shelves are a whole, separated into two levels by the mezzanine so that it can be realized double storage capacity.


   The shelves can choose to be medium-sized shelves or heavy-duty shelves. In addition, the upper part of the shelving mezzanine can also choose not to set the shelving on it, and to make it a flat floor. The design to choose depends on your own storage needs. The style of the rack supported mezzanine is shown in the following picture.


3. Cantilever Rack Supported Mezzanine


Cantilever Shelf Supported Mezzanine is similar to shelf supported mezzanine, the same structure is that the bottom of the mezzanine uses shelves as the support of the upper mezzanine, but the shelves have changed from medium-sized shelves and heavy shelves to cantilevered shelves. Cantilevered shelves are mainly used to store long goods. For materials such as pipes and sheets, the upper mezzanine can also be used as a cantilever rack or a flat surface. The structure is shown below.