Which warehouse storage racks are suitable for storing small items?

July 20, 2022

Warehouse storage racks are necessary equipment for storing goods, mainly to make full use of warehouse space, store more goods and reduce storage costs. The volume of goods is large or small, and the applicable types of warehouse storage shelves are also different. So what kind of warehouse high bay racking is suitable for small goods?

 storage shelves

For small goods, if the goods are stored manually, the warehouse has a certain height and can be stored using mezzanine racking. The mezzanine racking is one of the high bay racking in the warehouse. It can be designed with 2-4 layers, which can make full use of the height space of the warehouse and double the storage capacity of goods.The load-bearing capacity of the single-layer shelf can be designed to be more than 3 tons, which can meet the load-bearing needs of most goods.

warehouse storage racks

If warehouse need to use a forklift for storage, you can put light and small goods in a storage cage or iron box first, and then put them on the shelves. In this case, beam shelves are usually used, and their height can be designed to be more than 8 meters, which is a kind of high bay racking.


If you want to achieve automated storage, you can choose a shuttle rack or a stacker automated warehouse racking.