Advantages of Jiangxi Ganzhou warehouse pallet beam rack

July 14, 2022

Pallet beam racks are the most common heavy duty racks in warehouse racks, which are very convenient for storing heavy goods. Beam racks are also the first choice for many enterprises to purchase. So what are the advantages of pallet beam racks in Jiangxi warehouse?


Advantages of warehouse pallet beam racks:


1. Beam rack load bearing:

The single-layer load-bearing capacity of the cross beam pallet rack is as high as 4 tons. There is no requirement for the specifications of the goods, and the goods can be selected freely 100%.


2. Beam rack height:

Its height can be designed to 10 meters, which is also the height that forklifts can lift. It can make full use of the height space of the warehouse and achieve the effect of doubling the storage capacity. The height of the floor can be adjusted freely, and it can also be increased. It is a heavy-duty shelf with a very high degree of flexibility.


3. The beam shelf is easy to operate

It is very convenient to install and operate, and it is easy to find the cargo space. It is suitable for any handling tool, so beam rack is a kind of shelf that is widely used.


4. Can be equipped with a variety of storage equipment:

In order to improve safety, ancillary facilities such as beam shelving, laminates, mesh span beams, etc. can also be placed on the beam.


5. High space utilization:

The beam rack is a high-intensity storage rack with high utilization rate of indoor space, which saves the aisle area compared with ordinary aisle pallet racks.


6. Application scope of beam rack:

Ganzhou beam pallet racks are widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics, distribution centers, food, beverage, chemical and other industries.