How to maximize the space of cold storage? You can choose warehouse heavy duty cold storage racking

June 30, 2022

Nowadays, most of goods such as food and beverages need to be stored in cold storage. Because the cold storage needs to keep low temperature for a long time, the operating cost is relatively high, so enterprises all hope to realize the larger storage of the cold storage and reduce the operating cost.


So how to maximize the space of cold storage? Maybe you can choose warehouse heavy duty cold storage racking.


If the company directly stacks the goods in the cold storage, the utilization rate of the warehouse will be very low, and the space on the upper floor will not be effectively used. Heavy duty cold storage racking can make full use of cold storage space, and there are several common heavy duty racks that can be used in cold storage, such as double deep racking, corridor racks, gravity racks and shuttle racks.

 cold storage racking

The above types of racks are high-level heavy duty racks with intensive storage, which are suitable for storing heavy goods. Among them, the shuttle rack is an intelligent storage rack, and the goods can be stored automatically, which greatly improves the warehouse operation efficiency.


If the enterprise produces light goods, it can choose the mezzanine racking and store the goods manually. The mezzanine racking can be designed with 2-4 floors, making full use of the high-rise warehouse space and increasing the storage space by 3 times.

cold storage warehouse