How to Manage Warehouse High Bay Shelving?

May 12, 2022

What is a high bay shelving and what types of high bay shelving are there?


High bay shelving is also called elevated shelves.

The warehousing equipment industry is customary to define high bay shelving with a height of more than 5 meters. Except for automated warehouses, other elevated shelves require forklifts to store and store goods. Elevated shelves include ordinary beam type racks, double-deep racks, narrow aisle racks, drive in racks, shuttle racks, and so on.


1. Ordinary beam racks: The ordinary beam rack has simple structure, easy disassembly and installation, and the selectivity is 100%. According to the available net height of the warehouse and the height of the forklift, the height of the rack can be up to 12 meters, and the height of each layer can be adjusted by each 50mm. The hight  can be adjusted freely, combined with the width direction of the warehouse or special structure to carry out special operations. The versatility is also relatively strong, and it is suitable for all industry.

beam rack


2. Narrow aisle racks: Narrow aisle racks are similar to ordinary beam racks. The difference is that the bottom of the rack is equipped with a "three-way stacking forklift" movable guide rail, and the aisle is much narrower, about 1600mm-2000mm, 100% selectivity requires that the warehouse can use a net height of more than 8 meters, and the forklift has special requirements, it must be a three-way stacking exspcially suitable for the urgent need to increase the storage space.

very narrow aisle rack

3. Drive-in racking: Drive-in racking is a kind of whole-building racks that are not separated by aisles. Forklifts need to enter the rack to access the goods. When the goods are picked up on single side, the pallet location does not exceed 7, when the goods are picked up on two side, the depth of the pallet location does not exceed 14, which can realize the first-in-first-out of bulk cargo. It has almost double the storage capacity of ordinary beam-type shelves in the same space, and the overall cost is relatively low. 

elevated shelves 

4. Shuttle racks: The shuttle racks are the upgraded rack types of drive-in racks. The shuttles replace the forklifts to enter the racks to store and store goods. The storage and retrieval efficiency is higher and safer, and the depth of the goods can be up to 30. , The space utilization rate can reach about 80%, which is a transition to a fully automated racking system, and is gradually becoming the mainstream rack type in the market.

high bay shelving