The Truth of Building an ASRS for Pharmaceutical Industry

May 23, 2022

1. Save warehouse area and high utilization rate. Since the medical automatic storage racks are assembled by racks, and the automatic management technology can facilitate the operator to find the goods, the floor area occupied by the construction of the three-dimensional warehouse is relatively small, but the space utilization rate is relatively large.


2. Contribute to the formation of an advanced production chain. Obviously, due to the automatic and efficient sorting characteristics of automatic medical storage shelves, after being used in enterprise production, it will promote and cooperate with enterprise production, allowing the enterprise to form a planned and advanced production chain, so that the production capacity of the enterprise can be quickly increased. Promote. Such enterprises will only go further and further on the road of large enterprises.


3. Effectively improve the management level of the warehouse. I often see videos of JD’s automated three-dimensional warehouses. Under the fully automated sorting method, this kind of shipping efficiency is extremely high. Under this state, the warehouse management level has been greatly improved. This is because: the use of computer technology to reasonably manage cargo information reduces errors in storage and improves work efficiency. In addition, the automatic medical storage racks can realize the automation function in the outbound and inbound freight, which completely reduces the amount of manual operations and reduces the damage rate of the goods, thereby achieving efficient warehouse management.


In fact, automatic medical storage shelves are also a relatively broad concept. Large companies have large corporate styles and small and medium-sized enterprises should cooperate with shelf manufacturers to build three-dimensional warehouses with their own characteristics according to their own storage characteristics. It is not necessarily large, but it must be Be very practical.