What are the advantages of drive in racking in Huizhou warehouse

July 11, 2022
Drive in racking is also called drive through rack. It is a kind of heavy duty high bay racking and need to be customized. The reason why it is called a drive in rack is because the forklift needs to enter the cargo aisle for storage. Let's take a look at the advantages of Huizhou warehouse drive in racks.

drive in racking

On the support rails, pallets are stored depthwise, one after the other, which enables high-density storage. The goods are stored and taken out from the same side of the shelf, and the forklift can easily drive into the middle of the shelf to access the goods, without occupying multiple channels, reducing the space for forklift driving channels in each row like pallet racks, eliminating the need for the aisle space can build more racks for storing products.


The drive in racking have dense storage space and large storage capacity, and the height can be designed to 10 meters, which can improve the warehouse utilization rate by 5 times. A single pallet can bear up to 2 tons, meeting the load-bearing requirements of most goods. The height of the guide rail can be adjusted up and down, which is very convenient.


Due to its high storage density and high utilization of ground space, it is very beneficial to reduce the cost of storage space.


Warehouse drive through racks are widely used to store large quantities of goods with a single category and uniform specifications, including food, tobacco, dairy, beverage, cold storage and other warehouses.


drive through rack

Warehouse drive through racks purchase considerations:

1. Understand the pallet size, fork feed direction, pallet bearing capacity, and the maximum weight of goods that need to be stored in each pallet position.

2. Warehouse size, height, location of fire hydrant, location of entrance and exit, etc.

3. Comprehensive data of forklift, maximum lifting height, maximum weighing weight, forklift width, etc.

drive through rack