What are the characteristics of the drive through racks of Fujian Putian warehouse?

July 14, 2022

Let's take a closer look today! What is a drive through rack? What are the characteristics of drive through racks? Which industries are suitable for the use of drive in racking?


What is a drive through rack?

drive through rack, also known as drive in rack, is a type of high-level racks. They are designed to store a large number of similar palletized goods. They need to be customized according to needs and are not in stock.

drive through rack


What are the characteristics of drive through rack?

1. Drive through racks have high storage density and large storage capacity

Forklifts directly into the cargo lane to pick up goods, and there is no need to reserve multiple forklift travel channels like pallet racks.


The pallets are stored one by one on the support rails in the depth direction, which increases the storage density and improves the space utilization. Therefore, the storage density of Fujian Putian drive in racking is very high and the storage capacity is large, which is one of its obvious advantages.


2. Drive through rack height

Its height can be designed to 10 meters, the height that a forklift can lift. This can make full use of the space of the warehouse height and achieve the effect of doubling the storage capacity.

 drive through rack

3. Can be matched with a variety of storage equipment

Drive in racking can be used together with storage cages and other equipment. Storage cage is a very important type of logistics container in storage and transportation. It has the advantages of neat stacking, easy inventory counting, etc., and also improves the effective utilization of storage space.



The goods are stored and withdrawn from the same side of the shelf, and the forklift can easily drive into the middle of the shelf to access the goods without occupying multiple channels.


5. Drive through racks are suitable for a variety of industries

Putian warehouse drive through racks are widely used in the storage of large quantities and few varieties of goods. Food, beverage, tobacco, cold storage and other warehouses with uniform packaging of goods.

drive in racking