Nanning warehouse first in first out shelf (fifo rack)

July 11, 2022
Why is it called FIFO rack? It is because this kind of rack can realize the first-in-first-out of goods, which is convenient for warehouse goods picking.

That is to say, the goods deposited first are taken out first. This is due to the particularity of goods in some industries, requiring that the goods deposited first be used first to reduce the loss and depreciation of the goods.


fifo rack

There is more than one FIFO shelf, because different types can meet different storage picking needs. What are the first-in-first-out racks in Nanning warehouse?


Common FIFO shelves include slide out racks, gravity racks, pallet racks, and stacker three-dimensional warehouse shelves. Among them, the slide out rack is a light duty rack, suitable for storing and picking small goods, and manually accessing the goods.


Gravity racks and pallet racks are heavy duty racks that require a forklift to access and store heavy duty goods. The stacker three-dimensional rack is an intelligent storage rack, which can realize fully automated operation and is suitable for storing various kinds of goods, regardless of the weight of the goods.


There are many types of storage shelves, and the reason for designing first-in-first-out shelves is because of different storage requirements. For example, some are manual access to goods, some are forklift access to goods, and some are automated access to goods. When choosing the type of first-in first-out racking in Nanning warehouse, you can choose according to the effect you want to achieve.

fifo shelf