Fuzhou warehouse shelf manufacturers cantilever rack system features

July 08, 2022

Cantilever rack is a customized rack of Eyda Fuzhou warehouse racking manufacturer. It is suitable for storing long strips, long rolls and irregular goods such as plates, pipes and cloths. The cantilever can be single or double, and the goods are stored on the cantilever fixed to the column.


Cantilever shelves have the following characteristics:


1. The cantilever rack series adopts a combination method, which can be better disassembled, transported, adjusted and moved, which is very convenient and safe.


2. The cantilever rack adopts an adjustable column, which can adjust the spacing between the partitions and increase or decrease the number of partition layers according to actual needs.


cantilever rack

3. The cantilever rack system can fully improve the space utilization rate and standardize and standardize the management of warehouse materials.


4. Cantilever racks are very effective storage systems in terms of quality, safety and management.


5. Cantilever racks can also be used with stackers or forklifts. It can not only improve the efficiency of material circulation, reduce storage and transportation costs, but also improve the mechanization level of material circulation, reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions.


6. After the cantilever shelf is added with the shelf, it is especially suitable for the warehouse with small space and low height. It is easy to manage, has a wide field of vision, and has a higher utilization rate than ordinary shelves.


7. Cantilever shelves are suitable for machinery manufacturing industry, door and window industry, cloth industry and building materials supermarkets, etc.

cantilever racking system