What is the load-bearing capacity of Guangzhou storage heavy duty cloth shelves?

June 29, 2022

The cloth shelf refers to the shelf for cloth storage, which is specially customized for cloth warehouses.

Cloth is generally stored in rolls and has a certain weight, so when customizing cloth shelves, customers will pay more attention to the load-bearing problem of the shelves.

cloth shelves


So what is the load-bearing capacity of heavy duty cloth shelves?


There are many types of storage shelves in Guangzhou, most of which need to be customized by warehouse rack manufacturers. The manufacturer customizes the size, load-bearing, number of layers, etc according to customer storage requirements. 


Therefore, the load-bearing capacity of cloth shelves, depends on which cloth warehouse shelf is selected. 


Common shelves used for cloth storage include shelf racks, pallet shelves, mezzanine racks, and cloth cage shelves. The load-bearing capacity of a single layer can reach more than 1 ton, which is enough to meet the storage needs of most fabrics.


If the company's warehouse uses manual access to goods, you can choose shelf racks or mezzanine racks. If the company's warehouse uses forklifts to store goods, you can choose pallet racks or cloth cage racks.

heavy duty cloth rack