Safety standards and earthquake resistance of warehouses high bay racking

July 01, 2022

High bay racking,also called elevated shelves, refers to warehouse shelves with a height of more than 5 meters. If the shelf is high, then customers will be concerned about a safety issue.

So what are the standards for high bay racking safety?

high bay racking

Generally speaking, high bay racking will have a seismic rating. High bay racking that meet the quality and design standards can generally resist earthquakes of magnitude 7, so there is no need to worry about the safety of high bay racking. Of course, the shelf quality of some warehouse shelf manufacturers is poor and may not meet this standard.

First of all, we need to consider the seismic resistance of the shelf when design the shelf. The safety of the shelf structure should be divided into safety levels according to different regions, and the relationship between the safety level and the seismic level should be established. At the same time, in the design process, the value of seismic intensity should be very clear and not ambiguous.

Generally speaking, the seismic capacity of shelves will be affected by the following three aspects:

high bay racking

1. Handling of shelf feet

The connection between the bottom of the shelf and the ground often adopts the method of embedded parts. This method is actually to pre-weld the steel cage at the bottom of the shelf and the base. It also makes the contact between the shelf and the ground firmer, which can make the shelf more stable and improve the earthquake resistance.

2. Welding of shelves

Part of the column and beam of the shelf is connected by a unique welding technology - full penetration groove welding. This welding method will make the connection between the column and beam much stronger than the ordinary connection method. That is, the whole shelf is more integrated, reducing the possibility of the parts of the shelf being shaken off during an earthquake.

3. Daily care of the shelf

No matter how strong the shock resistance of the shelf is, if you do not pay attention to the daily care of the shelf, the shelf will age quickly. Daily care includes daily shelf cleaning, and timely repairs should be found if the shelf parts are detached or where rust or peeling occurs. In addition, it should be noted that the stored goods must be within the load-bearing range of the shelves.

Of course, earthquake resistance also needs scientific design, and the level of earthquake resistance cannot be improved blindly, otherwise it will cause waste of resources and increase the cost of enterprises.

Therefore, if an enterprise needs to customize high bay racking, should consider the seismic rating. There are many types of warehouse high bay racking. Common ones are pallet racks, attic-type shelves, mezzanine racking, drive in racks, double deep racking, vna racking, shuttle racks, and asrs racking.

Custom elevated shelves, safety and stability are very important.

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