The Safety Knowledge for Beam Rack

May 13, 2022

Nowadays, warehouse rents are getting higher and higher, and various industries have higher and higher requirements for warehouse planning and warehouse space utilization.

This situation has prompted the storage shelf industry to spring up like bamboo shoots after a rain. And often the first factor in conversations between storage rack manufacturers and customers is space utilization and cost savings, so that the first element of safety is neglected, and continuous training on safe communication and maintenance of storage racks is not done.

Here are five key points for the use of storage beam shelves.

1. Anti-overloading: The racks designed by the technical staff of the beam rack storage racks have a load-bearing degree, and the weight of the stored goods should not exceed this load-bearing capacity, otherwise accidents will easily occur.


2. Anti-super-high and super-wide: When the beam rack storage rack is installed, its height and width are fixed, and the size of the pallet and the goods should be slightly less than 100mm of the clear space. If the storage goods change, they can be re-disassembled combination.




3. Anti-collision: In warehouses where forklifts and other handling equipment are used to store and store goods, anti-collision guardrails should be set up, and during the operation of forklifts, they should be handled as lightly as possible to reduce the collision between handling equipment and beam-type storage shelves. Reduce damage rate.


4. Anti-top-heavy: Follow the rules of goods storage, so that light goods are placed at the high-level and heavy goods at the low-level. That is, the shelf is from top to bottom, and the principle of light to heavy is maintained. safe and stable.




5. Timely replacement of damaged beams and columns: In practice, we found that the beams and columns of beam-type storage shelves are commonly damaged. When damage is found, the shelf manufacturer should be notified to replace it in time, and you should not be lucky.