You Should Consider 4 Keypoint When Design the Storage Racking System

May 23, 2022

01. The architecture of the warehouse building. When storing equipment, you must consider the effective beam height on the storage racking to determine the height of the shelf. And beams and columns can directly affect the configuration of the shelf position. 

The strength of the floor, the flatness of the ground, the related design and installation of the shelf. Another must consider the installation location of fire extinguishing facilities and lighting equipment.

02. Characteristics of storage items. The appearance and size of stored items are directly related to the selected specifications of the shelf, and the weight storage is directly affected by the power of the choice on the shelf. And the storage unit, in this unit to store, pallets or storage cages, or single products have different types of shelves to choose from.

03. Accessibility of storage items. Accessibility and storage density are relative. This is, in order to get a higher storage density, it must sacrifice relative item accessibility.

04. Warehouse handling equipment. The handling is handled by the storage equipment. So when you choose storage equipment and you should consider the moving equipment. The lift is a general  equipment, and the width of the shelf aisle will directly affect the choice of  the moving equipment type.

05. The volume and frequency of outbound and inbound. Regardless of whether it is first-in, first-out, access frequency or access quantity, corresponding adjustments and designs must be made based on these data to facilitate storage racking selection.