Why Heavy Duty Pallet Shuttle Warehouse Rack is Popular?

May 23, 2022

As one of the representatives of automated storage racks, the warehouse heavy racking company pallet shuttle racks mainly use the operation of trolleys that can be flexibly controlled at the terminal to intensively store and pick up pallet goods. 

The child-carriage shuttle system is an upgraded version of the shuttle rack. It is optimized and upgraded on the basis of the basic shuttle rack. The use of increased stackers and other equipment can realize the needs of three-dimensional automatic inventory and picking up and down, left and right. In terms of storage as the main body, the shuttle rack is the core part of this.

 pallet shuttles

The working principle of the pallet shuttle rack of the warehouse heavy racking company is generally: the forklift and other equipment put the goods on the front end of the lane guide rail of the designed rack. Of course, this is placed on the shuttle on the track together with the tray. After that, the automatic control system issues instructions to move the shuttle and slowly move to a certain position of the rack track for intensive storage. 

When picking up the goods, generally follow the principle of first-in-last-out. The pallet is lifted out to the front end of the shelf through the movement of the shuttle trolley, and the goods are picked up by forklifts. The number and operating efficiency of shuttles are determined by the depth of the roadway, the total amount of goods, the frequency of shipments and other factors, and the space utilization rate can reach about 90%.

 shuttle warehouse

From the actual use point of view, in the initial cost investment, the pallet shuttle rack is higher than the traditional rack, but in the later long-term use process, the personnel cost and equipment maintenance cost of the shuttle rack will be much lower than ordinary shelves. Therefore, for those who are pursuing long-term considerations, warehouse heavy-duty racking company shuttle racks must be a better choice.