What kind of goods are fluent shelves suitable for?

July 26, 2022

Summary: The fluent shelf is suitable for small and light goods,and storing short-term storage goods.

The storage efficiency of the fluent shelves is high and it can store a large amount of goods. Especially in warehouses where goods are frequently transported, more companies use fluent shelves, which are suitable for storing short-term storage goods. Warehouse flow storage racks are mainly stored manually, so there is no way to store goods that are too heavy.

fluent shelves

The fluent shelf is suitable for small and light goods, which are mainly stored in parts boxes and turnover boxes, and then the workers drive from the high part of the shelf to the low part of the shelf by the weight of the product itself. The cargo access method is first-in, last-out.


The load-bearing on each layer is generally about 200-300kg. In order to facilitate the workers to pick up the goods, the height of the fluent shelves will not be designed too high, so in some warehouses with relatively high heights, other warehouse shelves can be considered.


The warehouse flow storage rack can also be used with electronic labels, and it can make the management of the entire fluent shelf easier.


For example, the warehouse of logistics express is particularly suitable for the fluent shelves, because the number of express parcels is huge, and express delivery will not be stored in the warehouse for too long, which is a relatively liquid cargo. So using a fluent shelf is a very good choice.

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