The Using Characteristics Of Sliding Storage Shelves Manufacturers

May 13, 2022
The fluent shelf is also called the industrial rolling racks or the sliding shelf, which is a very common shelf in sliding storage shelves.

It uses fluent strips such as roller aluminum alloy and sheet metal, and uses the gravity of the goods to store the goods from the high end of the shelf to the low end, and take them out.

 It is suitable for manufacturing, commerce, distribution centers, assembly workshops and warehouses with high frequency of shipments.

 It is convenient for storage and replenishes multiple times at one time.

It is suitable for distribution centers on both sides of the assembly line. What are the characteristics of the fluent shelf manufacturers?

1. Environmental protection and energy saving, no pollution and operation without any energy.


2. The investment payback period is short, about 2 years, and the economic benefits are significant.


3. Easy to operate, no need for regular maintenance, reliable and durable.


4. High-density storage, space saving, storage utilization rate increased by more than 60% compared with ordinary shelves.


5. Absolutely safe, reduce or completely avoid damage to items, especially suitable for the storage of vulnerable items.


6. Improve logistics efficiency and save time. The storage and retrieval efficiency of items is 3 times that of ordinary shelves.


7. No forklift is required and the use cost is low.




These are the obvious characteristics of fluent shelves. Of course, there are other characteristics that have not been listed. If there is a need and want to know more, you can directly consult the fluent shelf manufacturer.

All in all, the fluent shelf is a kind of warehouse shelf that is very conducive to the picking of goods. It can guarantee the first-in first-out function and is favored by many enterprises.