What are the precautions for the clothing factory to purchase storage logistics cages?

July 05, 2022

Storage shelves are necessary equipment for storing goods, but sometimes storage supporting equipment is also required. For example, to store cloth, you can use storage logistics cages.  


logistics cage

The role of storage logistics cages:

Storage logistics cages (also called roller container) handling can ensure that the goods and packaging can be kept intact to the greatest extent during multiple turnovers and reduce losses. At the same time, it can reduce the trouble of changing packaging during the turnover, and directly use mechanized handling to improve the speed of logistics. Storage logistics cages can provide good packaging for some large items, which directly reduces storage and transportation costs for enterprises and reduces item damage.


Precautions for purchasing storage cages:

Before purchasing warehousing supporting equipment, Eyda warehousing shelf manufacturers suggest that you consider more comprehensive and long-term.


First, long-term usage needs to be considered.

In a short period of time, only using roller container to store goods can meet the needs of enterprises, but with the development of sales business, storage needs may change in the future. If you take this into consideration, the storage roller container that can be put on the shelves need to be included in your purchase order to avoid repeating the purchase of storage cages or pallets in the future.


Second, pay attention to the type of storage logistics cages.

Storage logistics cages are divided into those with wheels and those without wheels. The storage logistics cage with wheels can be used directly and is easy to transport. The ones without wheels can be put on the shelves.


logistics cage

In addition, pay attention to the handling of the storage logistics cages.

Storage logistics cages need to be handled by handling machinery. The machines that can handle storage cages include forklifts, hydraulic pallet trucks, storage cage trolleys, battery tractors, etc. In order to improve the handling efficiency, two storage cages can be stacked together during handling, but attention must be paid to the load-bearing of the handling machinery and the speed when turning.


roller container

Finally, the size and load-bearing aspects of the storage logistics cages. 

If the length and width of the storage roller containers are relatively small, the height should not be designed too high, otherwise it is easy to collapse when carrying goods, especially heavy goods.


The considerations mentioned above need to be taken into consideration before purchasing a storage cage.

logistics cage