Precautions for the use of heavy duty pallet racking in Shatian Dongguan (2)

July 04, 2022

Eyda storage shelf manufacturers reminds you that when using heavy duty pallet racking, you need to pay attention to the following matters:


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9. Cargo load: The weight of the goods on the pallets of Dongguan heavy duty pallet racking should be uniform, and it should not be heavy on one side and light on the other side. Uneven weight can easily cause damage to the pallet racking.


10. Warehouse floor management: The warehouse floor should be kept clean and tidy as much as possible to avoid acid and alkaline substances and oil pollution, otherwise the use time limit of the pallet will be reduced.


11. Cargo safety: When placing the pallet on the shelf, remember to handle it with care. This is to ensure the stability and safety of the pallet on the shelf and avoid damage to the goods.


12. Goods stacking: When placing the pallet on the shelf, be sure not to overweight and overheight the stacked goods, and there should be a space of not less than 0.1 meters between the bottom pallet and the upper board.

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13. Select the right specifications: It is necessary to know that the pallets are designed and produced according to the actual load capacity of the shelves of different specifications, so when storing different goods, the enterprise needs to select the pallets of the corresponding specifications.


14. Cargo packaging: single-layer or multi-layer staggered stacking of wooden, paper and metal containers and other rigid goods, and stretch or shrink film packaging.


15. Reinforcement and protection: The fixing methods of pallet bearing goods of heavy duty pallet racks mainly include binding, stretching and packaging, and can be used in conjunction with each other.

If the cargo on the reinforced pallet still cannot meet the transportation requirements, the reinforced protective accessories should be selected according to the needs. Reinforced protective accessories are made of wood, plastic, metal and other materials.

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