Precautions for the use of pallet racking in Wuzhou Guangxi (1)

July 04, 2022

Eyda storage shelf manufacturers reminds you that when using pallet racking, you need to pay attention to the following matters:


1. Goods bundling: The warehouse pallet racking in Wuzhou, Guangxi store paper or fiber goods, single-layer goods, and multi-layer stacking, which need to be cross-sealed with strapping tapes.


2. Multi-layer processing of goods: paper products and textiles that need moisture-proof are interlaced and covered with one or more layers. Stretch or shrink film wrapping items adds support to the angle steel and covers bulkheads and other reinforcing structures.

 pallet racking

3. Fragile goods: One-way or multi-layer stacking of fragile goods requires a wooden support clapboard structure on the pallet rack.


4. Frame and slats: The metal cylindrical container or the cylindrical cargo is stacked vertically in a single layer, which increases the reinforcement structure of the cargo frame and slats. Sealed metal containers and other cylindrical cargo stacked in single or multiple layers, reinforced with wooden lids.


5. High-altitude projectiles are strictly prohibited: First of all, it is strictly forbidden to drop the pallet from a high place, so as not to cause the pallet to break due to violent impact. Secondly, it is strictly forbidden to throw the goods into the pallet from a high place. Goods should be placed evenly and not piled up in the center. Pallets should be placed on a flat surface.

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6. Equipped with facilities: Be sure to pay more attention to whether the pallet can be used with the forklift. When operating a forklift or manual hydraulic truck, the fork barbs need to be as close as possible to the outside of the pallet fork holes. The prongs should extend all the way into the tray, and the angle should only be changed after the tray is lifted smoothly. The prongs should not hit the side of the pallet racking to avoid breaking the pallet.


7.The principle of light on the top and heavier on the bottom: It is necessary to follow the principle that the goods are placed on the pallet rack, and the top is light and the bottom is heavy.

8. Goods placement: The goods should not be overloaded. Pay attention to the standard placement of the goods on the pallet to avoid falling of the goods when they are placed on the shelves.

pallet racking