Pros and Cons of Warehouse Heavy Duty Pallet Rack

May 23, 2022

Warehouse heavy duty pallet racks are a very widely used kind of racking warehouse racks. Why are they widely used?

Enterprises give priority to using this kind of racks. Of course, there are reasons. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of warehouse pallet racks.

warehouse pallet racks


Let me talk about the advantages first. The pallet rack in the rack warehouse can adjust the height of the beam according to the requirements of the size of the goods. The cost is low, and it can be quickly installed and disassembled. It can adapt to a variety of shipping machinery, building structures and floors, and can use the upper space of the warehouse as much as possible. The goods can also be picked up easily, first in first out, and 100% free picking of the goods. Moreover, it is convenient to manage goods, and it is clear which type of materials are stored on this layer or this shelf.

 heavy duty pallet racks

Pallet racks do not have any requirements on the specifications and weight of the goods, that is, many types of goods are suitable for storage on pallet racks. It is also one of the high racks and heavy racks. The height can be designed to be 10 meters high, and the single-layer load-bearing capacity is up to 4 tons. It is a rack warehouse rack that has no requirements for goods and warehouses, but it can meet most customers' needs. 

A kind of shelf for storage effect. It is suitable for high warehouse, heavy goods and large storage volume. It is widely used in the fields of automobile, electronics industry, machinery, chemical industry and so on.

 heavy duty pallet racks

Although warehouse pallet racks have many advantages, they also have disadvantages. The required channel area is large and the storage density is smaller than other systems. It will cause a certain waste of warehouse space. Therefore, if you want to store shelves with very high storage density, you can consider corridor racks, shuttle racks and automated warehouses. Warehouse Pallet racks are not the first choice.