Double C Kneading Beam Factory Supplier

May 23, 2022

Everyone who knows about the storage shelves knows that the quality of the product is good or not. In addition to looking at the surface, you have to look at many details. For example, there are many types of beams for factory shelves and storage shelves on the market, such as P beams, square tube beams, J beams, step beams, etc., each of which uses different materials and functions. 

Let's take a look at the difference between the double C kneaded beam and other types of beams.


Double C kneaded beams, that is, beams that are joined together in the shape of two C shapes, such beams use more materials and carry heavier load than other types of beams. Generally, heavy-duty factory racks and storage racks will use this kind of beams. If other types of beams are used, they may bear more customized weights to achieve a stable effect.


This is one of the details of the factory shelf storage shelf, and it is also an important standard of product quality and load-bearing. People who do not have a deep understanding will not know it. Some customers just look at the price, and many manufacturers' prices are lower than yours. They say that the price is too high without looking at the quality. There is a big difference between low-quality products and high-quality products, whether it is load-bearing, aesthetics, and service life.


Therefore, when you get a quotation from a factory shelf storage shelf manufacturer, in addition to the type of beam, there are many other details that affect product quality. Professional storage rack manufacturers will give customers a detailed introduction and comparison, and compare their quality differences with the actual products.