Make Full Use of The Warehouse Space-Cantilever Storage Racks

June 08, 2022

Cantilever rack is a custom warehouse rack, it is suitable for storing long strips, long rolls and irregular goods, such as plates, pipes, etc.


The rack cantilever can be single arm or double arm, and the goods are stored on the cantilever fixed to the column.


Let's take a look at the advantages of cantilever pull-out heavy-duty racks with 6 meters of aluminum profiles.

cantilever storage racks

The obvious feature of rack cantilever is that they are suitable for storing long strip goods, such as 6-meter-long profiles. Cantilever pull-out heavy-duty shelves are specially customized.


The single arm of the cantilever storage rack can bear up to 800KG, and the arm length can be designed to more than 1 meter, which is suitable for the storage of different long strips goods.


It is also possible to design a two-story attic cantilever rack for the warehouse to make full use of the warehouse space.


Cantilever pull-out heavy-duty racks can be accessed manually or by forklift trucks. In the case of forklift loading and unloading goods, the height can be designed to be more than 6 meters, making full use of warehouse space.


Racks can also be used together with layer boards or pallets, that is to say, in addition to storing long strip goods, the racks can also store other specifications of goods, such as boxed goods.  


It can be seen that the cantilever rack has a very high degree of flexibility, and is suitable for a variety of industries.

rack cantilever