Which Warehouse Shelf Racks Are Suitable for Bottled Water?

June 08, 2022

Bottled water is daily drinking water, which is needed by most enterprises and offices, and is an industry with relatively large demand.

Warehouse shelf racks are required for bottled water storage, but many customers do not know which shelves are suitable for bottled water. Customers often come to inquire about the problem of barreled water storage shelving.

Today we will briefly explain this problem.

Generally speaking, bottled water mainly uses manual storage and retrieval, and mainly uses shelf racks, attic shelves, and platform shelves.

Bottled water can be stored directly on the rack, manual access goods. If your enterprise uses mezzanine racks or platform racks, you can also use forklifts or hydraulic lift platforms to assist in accessing goods.

Bottled water is a relatively heavy cargo, so when customizing shelf racks, you need to pay attention to its stability. The quality of the storage shelving is different, the price is naturally different.

Therefore, before customizing warehouse shelf racks, do not just consider price, quality is also very important. Good quality shelves, better use effect, longer service life.


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