Factors Affecting the Price of Medium Duty Mezzanine Storage Racks

July 07, 2022
1. Market demand for storage shelves

According to different industries, the market demand for medium duty mezzanine storage racks in Dongguan is getting stronger and stronger, When demand increases, prices naturally increase. However, when the demand drops and there is too much production, the competition among shelf manufacturers increases, and the price naturally decreases.

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2. Design scheme of mezzanine storage racks and shelf quality

Different medium duty mezzanine racks manufacturers have differences in technology and production process, and the prices of mezzanine shelves produced are also different. Professional shelf manufacturers will design scientific and reasonable mezzanine shelf solutions for customers based on customer needs, warehouse equipment and other conditions.


In the production process, different shelf manufacturers have different production processes and raw materials used. Therefore, mezzanine storage racks and shelf quality are the decisive factors affecting the price of mezzanine shelves.

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3. Services provided by warehousing shelf manufacturers

Each shelf manufacturer will provide different pre-sales and after-sales services. Naturally, manufacturers provide high-quality services, and manufacturers only sell products without perfect after-sales service, the price is definitely different.

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4. Types and specifications of mezzanine storage shelves

Different types of shelves have different prices. For example, the price of heavy duty storage shelves is definitely higher than that of medium sized shelves. The reason is that different types of storage shelves involve different materials, processes, installation, transportation and other aspects.


Secondly, even for the same type of storage shelves, if the specifications and sizes are different, the prices are definitely different.


In addition, the larger the load, the larger the consumables and the more expensive the price. For example, the price of a laminate rack carrying 500KG is different from that of a laminate rack carrying 100KG.


These are the main factors that affect the price of medium duty mezzanine racks.

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