What is the packaging of the storage shelves by sea?

November 10, 2022
Packaging plays a very important role in the transportation of various commodities, and storage shelves are no exception. Some people think that shelves are steel structural parts and do not need to be well packaged. In fact, this concept is wrong. Since the shelves will be sprayed before leaving the factory, if they are bumped during transportation, the plastic film on the outer surface of the shelf may fall off, and the parts may also be bent and deformed, which will cause serious damage to subsequent installation and use. big impact. Therefore, it is necessary to pack each component during the shelf transportation process to avoid unnecessary damage.

The packaging of the storage shelves can firstly cover the columns, beams, diagonal braces, etc. with bubble wrap. If the requirements are stricter, you can wrap a layer of paper after wrapping the bubble wrap to achieve the effect of double-layer protection. After the packaging is completed, remember to affix the qualified label in time. The label should indicate the type, name and quantity, as well as the manufacturer and other information to avoid mistakes. Then there is the laminate packaging of the shelves. The laminates can be used in cartons, and a box of laminates is packed according to the quantity required for a set of shelves, which is convenient for inventory. Labels should also be affixed in time after the box is sealed, and the label content is the same as that of the columns and beams.

After such packaging, the various parts of the shelf are guaranteed during transportation, and the surface coating will not be damaged due to bumps. Especially for export orders, it is necessary to do a good job of protection. At the same time, this also gives customers a good impression.