Jiangmen Warehouse Gravity Flow Roller Racks Design Standard

July 18, 2022

Roller racks are also called gravity flow racks. They are composed of uprights, beams, roller systems and separation systems. They are customized storage racks. Roller racks can ensure that goods are first in first out, which is very suitable for batch picking of goods. But do you know what are the design standards for gravity flow roller racks in Jiangmen warehouse?

Roller rack is a kind of heavy-duty rack, which uses the weight of the goods to slide through the inclined slope, and the storage density is very high.


Jiangmen warehouse roller racks are custom-made racks, there is no clear design standard, but limited height and weight.


Generally speaking, it is not suitable to design too high, and it is more suitable to be below 6 meters. Because the roller of the roller rack needs to be designed with a slope, if the slope is too large, the speed of the pallet to access the goods will be too fast, resulting in rollover and scattered goods. If the slope is too small, the pallet will not slide smoothly during the access operation, so the slope should be reasonably designed, generally 3-5°.


There is also an upper limit on the load-bearing capacity. As mentioned above, the warehouse gravity flow rack is a sloping structure, so the load bearing should not be designed too heavy, generally within 2 tons per floor. Since the number of aisles in the warehouse is reduced, the storage rate of the warehouse can be improved. In addition, the roller rack can also prevent the goods from being stolen to the greatest extent.


Roller racks are widely used in logistics distribution, freight, chemical, electronics and other industries with large quantities of goods.