Roller Gravity Rack of Vietnam Text Technology Co., Ltd.

May 11, 2023

Customer Name: Vietnam Text Technology Co., Ltd.

Project industry: electronics industry

Shelf area: 6200 square meters

Project location: Vietnam

Customer introduction:

Vietnam Zhengwen Technology has long been committed to the cultivation of wireless technology. It is a world-class provider of complete solutions for wireless local area networks. It has a research and development team with rich experience and superior capabilities in the field of wireless communications. A manufacturer of network construction technology.

Project follow up:

Vietnam Zhengwen Technology Co., Ltd. purchases warehouse storage shelves mainly to increase the storage capacity of the warehouse and improve the efficiency of goods picking. Yida shelf engineers designed a gravity roller shelf suitable for cargo picking. After using gravity racks, the storage capacity of goods has been greatly improved, and the problems of in-out and out-of-warehouse efficiency and picking efficiency have also been effectively solved.

Gravity racking is composed of columns, beams, roller system and separation system, which can ensure the first-in-first-out principle. The pallets with goods slide down quickly under the action of gravity along the rollers, and then separate at the end, which is very beneficial to the goods. Picking is a type of first-in, first-out shelf.

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