How much is the price of Guangzhou small Intelligent Racking System?

August 01, 2022

Summary:Generally speaking, the cost of a small stacking asrs racking system will be more than one million yuan.  


Intelligent racking system refer to automated racking in the storage shelf industry, which are obviously different from ordinary warehouse shelves.


The intelligent racking system is composed of warehouse shelves, roadway stacking cranes, in (out) warehouse workbenches, and automatic in (out) and operation control systems. The asrs racking system uses machine carts to pick goods throughout the whole process, and the overall shelf arrangement is very dense.


The daily order processing scale can reach 96,000 pieces, and the volume ratio is 10 times that of traditional shelf storage shelves. Save the working area, combine the storage area and the sorting area into one, improve the picking speed and save the logistics cost.


Storage shelves are large industrial products, and the price is a concern of many enterprises. So what is the price of Guangzhou small intelligent racking system?


intelligent racking system

Guangzhou small intelligent racking system needs to be customized according to demand, there is no stock, so it is hard to determine the price. Many customers like to ask warehouse shelf manufacturers to estimate a price for them first, which is okay. However, the estimated price is not very accurate, and may be quite different from the price calculated according to the design plan. Generally, design a plan first and then confirm the price.


Automated warehouses are divided into large, medium and small, and the cost is also different. Generally speaking, the cost of a small stacking asrs racking system will be more than one million yuan.


Therefore, If the budget is insufficient, you can consider customizing semi-automatic vertical warehouse shelves, such as shuttle shelves, which can also improve storage capacity and operation efficiency.


Automated warehouses are suitable for food cold storage, auto parts, printing and publishing, clothing and textiles, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, manufacturing, textile and leather, subways, airports and other fields.

asrs racking system