Automatic Stock Taking ASRS

May 23, 2022

Labor costs are getting higher and higher, and all companies are trying to save labor costs and achieve greater benefits. For example, in terms of warehouse expenses, many companies have begun to use automated warehouse shelves to save costs in all aspects. Let's take a look at the advantages of an intelligent ASRS warehouse that can realize automatic inventory of goods.




At present, the warehouse shelves that can realize automatic inventory of goods are mainly intelligent ASRS warehouses, which are composed of shelves, laneway stacking cranes, in (out) warehouse workbenches, and automatic transport in (out) and operation control systems. Machine carts are used to pick goods throughout the entire process, and the overall shelf arrangement is very dense. The daily order processing scale can reach 96,000 pieces, and the floor area ratio is 10 times that of the traditional system.


The intelligent ASRS warehouse can realize the automatic stock-taking, storage and retrieval, picking, inventory and packing of goods. The whole process of automatic crops solves the problem of high labor costs and improves the efficiency of the entire warehouse. Intelligent ASRS warehouses in Guangdong are widely used in food cold storage, auto parts, printing and publishing, clothing textiles, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, manufacturing, textiles and leather, subways, airports and other fields.