Special Use Mold Shelf -Mould Storage Rack

May 23, 2022

The development of the mold industry is in full swing. In order to meet the needs of the market, various types of molds are emerging one after another. Therefore, mold companies need to have higher and higher demand for warehouse shelves. Mold storage has become a major problem for companies. Mould storage rack, special shelves for storing various moulds.

 mold shelf

There are several styles of common mold mold shelves, such as drawer mold racks, beam mold racks, and full-open mould storage racks. But no matter which type it is, it is produced specifically for mold storage, also called mold special shelf. It should be noted that mold racks are basically customized. 

Some storage rack manufacturers may have one or two specifications in stock, but they may not be suitable for use.

 mould storage rack

Therefore, before purchasing the mold shelf, the customized cycle should be calculated to avoid delaying the later use. If the quantity purchased is small, then the spot price is more cost-effective.

If it is purchased in bulk, customization can meet the needs of use to a greater extent, such as mold shelf type, length, width, height, load-bearing, and number of layers. This is why warehouse shelves basically need to be customized.